Parker & Green is proud to be a family law firm located in Jacksonville.  Additionally, we practice in the areas of business law, and criminal defense.  Here some reviews from some of our happy clients:

“Pattie was very instrumental and helping me get through my divorce.  I had so much going on, and she and her team walked me through everything in a very calming way.  I highly recommend her and her firm! -Courtney S., Jacksonville, Florida

“The team at Parker & Green are some great people!  My husband was trying to get aggressive and even take my children from me.  Paul stepped in and helped me get some protection immediately and helped walk me through the divorce process.  To say the least, he is a great family law attorney! – Shirley W., Jacksonville, Florida

“I had a pretty bad run in 2015, and found myself with a DUI, bad choices.  I came to Paul to help me out, and he was able to get me out of my situation with about the best scenario you could hope for.  If you find yourself down on your luck and make a mistake, call Paul Green.” – Gregg A., Orange Park, Florida

I hired Pattie and Paul about 2 months ago, and within 30 days, I was able to get my divorce finalized and exactly what I wanted.  If you want aggressive representation, call this firm! – “Jeff A., Jacksonville, Florida

“Family lawyers, good one’s, are tough to find.  I can say this simply, this a great family law firm!” – Alan W., Jacksonville, Florida